Complete comprehensive website support maintenance packages

Below is a list of our most requested and honed internet and website service sectors we have to offer. We offer these services either individually, or as part of our hosted website package-solutions. Please visit our skills page for a full listing of our areas of expertise and our portfolio to see our work presented in a flip-book format.


Information Architecture

Information Architecture


Information Architecture is a broad term. When we look at the way that information is organized, we take into consideration the data, the way that the data needs to be accessed, how it will be maintained, and the frequency of which certain activities need to ocure. We drive this information down into:

  • site maps
  • wireframes
  • use cases
  • functional specifications
  • software architecture designs / UML diagrams
  • user interfaces
  • data topology, and
  • contextual relationships


As needed on a project-by-project bassis. For some projects, we also break down each design/functional requirements by its cost estimate, so that a project's scope can also be determined by what features are selected.

Design, art and illustration

Design, art and illustration


We have an eye for soft photographic designs, with a twinkle of technical spice. We work with everything from image manipulation to hand-drawn illustrations, and touch of 3D modeling, as per your needs. We are available to help you with a specific design requirement, for your website, print material or for a new logo; either as a separate task, or as part of a larger project.

Web development

Web development


On the web, we know and offer many skills, from the setting up and hosting of web servers, to the chopping up of images into beautifully written HTML and CSS2 / CSS3, to the use of javascript [jquery] for advanced features. Through our network we are also able to provide database schema design and implementations, and advanced PHP skills to meet your needs.

Flash development

If you can imagine it, we can build it!


Whether what you need is a small subtle animation, or a complex full-blown application, we can help.

Advanced Adobe Flash ActionScript 3 and ActionScript 2 programming.

Extensive technical project/program management experience. Object orientated programming. Software engineering and [UML] architecture design. We can function as lead/independent developer. Teaching experience at Expression Center, Emmeryville California.


  • Technologies: AS3, AS2, Flash, AIR, FLEX with supporting PHP, JScript, CSS, AMFPHP, mySQL
  • Flash with full browser integration [bookmarks, back/fw, deep-linking]
  • Database and content management systems: so that your websites are easy to self-maintain
  • 3D animations
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Game development
  • Real physics engines
  • natural language interpretation
  • SMS integration
  • Fully functional applications [open, save, print etc] via web and as standalone
  • Bringing to life your still images, logos, designs via interactive animation
  • Art with mathematics, fractals, mandalas, self generating etc.
  • 3D world environments

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Experienced at improving your position on Search Engines. This includes such things as:

  • Working with you to determine the most effective promotion methods [within and outside of SEO]
  • Higher ranking on Google and other search engines
  • Formulating and presenting proposals
  • Building CSS/HTML templates that are Google-optimized
  • Creating PHP scripts that can read content from XML for robots
  • Researching keywords, comparing to competitor sites and gathering analytic data [frequency, hierarchy and proximity].
  • Writing, editing and massaging content to incorporate the identified keywords

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems


A Content Management System is what makes it easy for your to maintain your website. We can configure your site in: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, cushyCMS or build you something custom in PHP to suit your needs.

For most medium sized projects, we generally recommend Drupal, as this system offer the most flexibility for the lowest cost.

Wetake the time to configure our CMS systems, so that your experience editing your website is cake, and only relatively more complex than editing your facebook or blog page. Adding pictures is just a question of hitting an upload button.

To make things extra-clear, we also make sure that you only see the administrative options that relate to the type of work that you do, by turning off more advanced features [unless you need them or want them].

We have sites available where you can demo the system, please contact us if you would like to have an example of what the content-management experience is.

Project Mangement

Project Coordination


We have experience managing small creative projects, with photographers, filmers and artists -- all the way up large multi-national global website releases for big names like Intuit, SonyEricsson and Mediacatalyst.

Project budgets up to 2 to 6 million US dollars, VP / CTO reporting, and 150 indirect reports. We can manage your project as a separate task, or as part of our website's development.

Our vast experience in nearly all domains of web development means that we are apt and skilled at knowing what it takes to make a project successful. We translate languages and filter information down to its essential. No B-plan goes unconsidered. We accept discrete projects on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us if you are interested in this service.

Sound Arts

Sound Design


We can craft explosive sounds, effects, game sounds, environmental ambiances and other audio candy for your project's needs.

iPhone apps / web for portables

Website's for Portable devices


We can do all of the IA, design and development required to make your website be functional and beautiful on any portable device you require. Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Opera, Palm, iPad etc.

In the booming world of Apps: We have the skills you need to develop iPhone applications, from Project Management, Information Architecture, Usability / Interface design research, Design, Development to final delivery. Contact us for a quote!