Heineken Experiences

The Opportunity

Heineken is one of the worlds leading brewing companies, with multiple awards and a digital museum called Heineken Experiences situated in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Now as we all know, soccer (Aka European football) and beer go well together. Openlot sub-contracted Fountain City™ to provide various technical solutions for a jukebox video on-demand soccer system that would recall famous moments in time via natural language text messages.

The Solution

OpenLot provided the database information and the massive video library data of short key soccer moment clips, meta tagged and structured for easy recall based on various key properties like date, players, team, opponent team and so forth.

Fountain City™ proposed a software architecture with natural language interpretation, design services and a queuing jukebox system that would allow a user to select video clips by sending natural language texts to a designated number. For example: “Play me the winning goal from Zidane at the Paris finals”.

The Result

The texting system toured Europe with the PR department. It was well received to the point that we were asked to add a quiz mode and then a follow up project involving the coding and development of a second touchscreen system that we fully designed and coded. The touchscreen interface we designed and coded incorporated predictive typing to help guide users towards the video clips they wanted to see and occupied a space in Amsterdam’s Heineken Experiences.

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