Trade Globe – ABN AMRO

The Opportunity Amsterdam, the Netherlands branch contacted us to work on the software design and development of a 3D environment for the dutch bank: ABN AMRO. The concept was an interactive dynamic data driven world where potential investors could explore educational materials and videos to help them evaluate their various investment options.

They needed a partner that would help them create an interactive 3D environment capable of recalling book marks, tracking detailed statistics and pulling real-time data from external data systems in order to modulate and alter the environment at will through a simple UI interface.

The Solution

We proposed a timeline, estimates and technical solutions to meet the clients needs. XML was selected as the data store medium between the bank and the application. The 3D browser environment would be achieved via Flash AS.

The Results

We provided architectural software design of a fully object orientated system. We did the development of AS2 3D after prototyping the user experience navigation design. We complimented the system with a PHP custom code loader to present all source XML page templates to search engines as flat files. We addressed the need to bookmark the pages by adding a deep linking event driven system for Flash to load up direct templates from bookmarks.

The XML data structure was driven by back office web tool provided by the client bank, allowing them to load in and customize panel data dynamically. 3-Dimensional elements and content were all opened up be configurable from intranet data forms. 6 Weeks full time coding plus 1 week of UML Software design documentation, project was delivered a week ahead of schedule and within 2% of initial estimate and under budget ceiling.

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